22nd Mar 2016

Leo Burnett makes an impact at Dubai Lynx 2016!

We had a commanding presence at the Dubai Lynx this year, thanks to the coordinated efforts of a solidly committed and hard working team from our office.

The Awards Our network was awarded two Grand Prix. The first was in Film Craft: Direction for “Verisimilitude at Noon,” “The Russian Odyssey,” and “Tears of Winter” for Du. The second Grand Prix went to P&G Bonux’s “Merry Balconies” campaign in the Promo and Activation category: Use of Promotional Stunts/Live Advertising/Live Shows/Concerts & Festivals.

Three out of the four Gold were awarded to Du, while the last Gold was given to Dish Network’s “I Say Arabi” campaign. The network took home nine Silver and 11 Bronze for clients such as Mashrou’ Leila, Max Fashion, P&G Always and Samsung. Leo Burnett Germany’s chief creative officer, Andreas Pauli, and Leo Burnett USA’s SVP, strategy director, Nicolas Chidiac, participated as jurors on Film, Print, Outdoor and Radio and Creative Effectiveness, respectively.

Check out all the winners at Dubai Lynx.

Leo Burnett makes an impact at Dubai Lynx 2016!

The Presentation Ali Amarsy gave an excellent and memorable presentation to a packed audience on the second day of the event entitled "Think Like an Indian Aunty" which explored the need for balance between data and intuition as we head into a future where data is king. His clarion-call for all Planners to always take a moment, when confronted by volumes of data, and ask themselves the question “#WWIAD” (What Would Indian Aunty Do?) was a HUGE hit! Congrats Ali for a job well done! His presentation was also broadcast live globally on Lynx Live, thanks to your votes!

The Booth Once again the booth that stole the show was Leo Burnett’s story wall, #MyLeoLynx, where visitors could create their own life stories through personalized emojis, created on-site, and then share these stories on a custom-made wall. In total, 380 original emojis were created, resulting in 179 posts and tags for #MyLeoLynx and we had long lines of participants itching to tell their tales on our wall. All the participants got to take home their personalized emojis at the end of the event. We had great feedback from everyone on this engaging initiative that showcased our position as the leader and innovator of the industry. ** Lynx Academy** As industry thought leaders, we have successfully run the Lynx Academy at the 3-day event every year for all 9 years of its existence, to help grow and nurture the next generation of movers and shakers. This year our academy welcomed 23 bright, young aspirants, chosen from the best universities across the region. Their brief required them to create a purpose and a plan to position and promote the newly launched Ministry of Happiness. They were divided up into 4 teams and a senior planner from our office mentored each team. Our senior management from the region actively participated in the academy as well, coming in for the briefings, presenting to the students, and serving as members of the jury to judge the presentations. Although one of the four teams finally won the competition, all four presentations were of the highest quality. Of course, the invaluable experience that the students gained in such a short period of time was their biggest reward.

The Buzz We were one of the most active networks at Dubai Lynx on social media. Our emoji wall hashtag #MyLeoLynx was the second highest on Twitter, and our Twitter handle @LeoBurnettMENA was fifth highest at the event. Additionally, we were active and engaged on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Periscope, attracting an average of 541 viewers for each live broadcast. Do continue to follow and support us on social media.

Thanks to everyone who joined, shared and engaged to help make our participation at Dubai Lynx 2016 so unforgettable! How are we going to top this for next year…